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Machine Introduction

TATE CNC stud welding system (automatic stud welding platform) is a high-precision, high-efficiency fully automatic CNC stud welding device.
Its X and Y axis transmission adopts high-precision ball screw linear modules, which ensures stable operation, high positioning accuracy and long service life.
The control system adopts industrial-grade PC and motion control card, AC servo drive, and is equipped with energy storage stud welding machine and drawn arc stud welding machine to adapt to different welding needs.
The Z-axis can be driven by pneumatic or electric servo, and can be configured with one or more welding terminals to meet the personalized needs of different fields.

Machine Advantages

  1. Friendly human-computer interface.
  2. Can convert DXF files into program files.
  3. Real-time simulation can be performed according to the drawings.
  4. The running speed and time can be monitored and controlled.
  5. The operating speed and cycle time can be adjusted.
  6. It can automatically detect whether the welding nails are delivered in place.
  7. The size of the platform can be customized according to customer needs.
  8. Various types of tooling fixtures can be customized for customers.

Model And Parameter

Weld Stud RangeM3-M10M3-M10M3-M10M3-M10
Working Area X-Axis600mm1200mm1500mm2000mm
Working Area Y-Axis900mm1500mm2500mm4200mm
Working Area Z-Axis70-300 mm Customized70-300 mm Customized70-300 mm Customized70-300 mm Customized
Welding Efficiency30-60 studs/min30-60 studs/min30-60 studs/min30-60 studs/min
Positioning Speed500 mm/s500 mm/s500 mm/s500 mm/s
Load Capacity Of Table180 kg200 kg300 kg350 kg
Welding Precision± 0.15 mm± 0.15 mm± 0.15 mm± 0.15 mm
Repeating Precision± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm
Positioning Speed500 mm/s500 mm/s500 mm/s500 mm/s
Laser RemovalSupport OptionalSupport OptionalSupport OptionalSupport Optional
Automatic Spray LiquidSupport OptionalSupport OptionalSupport OptionalSupport Optional
Welding Head TypeCD/Drawing ARCCD/Drawing ARCCD/Drawing ARCCD/Drawing ARC
Dimensions(L*W*H)1200*1200*1600 mm1800*2000*1700 mm3200*2000*1700 mm5500*3000*2300 mm
Weight500 kg780 kg1200 kg3900 kg

Production Video

Machine Photo

Automatic CNC Stud Welding Machine-TT-1525-3
Automatic CNC Stud Welding Machine-TT-1525-4

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