CNC Automatic Stud Welding Machine for Plastering Trowel

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Machine Introduction

Elevate Construction Efficiency with TATE’s Automatic Stud Welding Machine for Plastering Trowel.
Experience a paradigm shift in construction technology with TATE’s innovative Automatic Stud Welding Machine designed specifically for plastering trowels. This cutting-edge equipment aims to redefine efficiency in the construction industry. TATE Automatic Stud Welding Machine for Plastering Trowel is engineered to streamline and enhance the stud welding process, ensuring seamless integration with plastering tools. This state-of-the-art machine signifies a leap forward in construction automation.

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Production Videos

Plastering Trowel Semi-Automatic Stud Welding Machine
Plastering Trowel Fully Automatic Stud Welding Machine

Machine Advantages

CNC system: It adopts the latest CNC system and supports multiple methods such as importing product drawings and inputting coordinate points to establish welding programs. The machine automatically identifies the location of the solder joints, eliminating the need for additional markings such as drilling and marking the solder joints of the product. This saves time and greatly improves the quality of the product.

Precision Stud Welding: TATE’s machines ensure precise and secure placement of studs, helping to ensure the structural integrity of your plastering trowel. Its welding accuracy can reach 0.15mm, and the machine’s repeatability accuracy can reach 0.05mm. Can fit any plastering trowel size requirement.

Time efficiency: It takes about 3 seconds to weld each stud. The automation of stud welding significantly shortens the construction time and promotes faster completion of the project. And the quality of welding is stable.

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Versatility: This machine can adapt to plastering trowel specifications of various widths and lengths. One machine can meet your automated welding production of plastering trowels of all specifications.

Stable quality: The quality of automated welding products is stable and uniform. Its solder joints are firm and will not fall off for life. Can meet the rigorous test of various plastering trowels.

No marks on the surface: Precise stud welding can achieve high-quality surface effects. It will not leave marks on the product after welding, and does not require secondary surface treatment, making the surface of the product more beautiful.

Model And Parameter

ItemSemi-AutomaticFully Automatic
Work VideoWatch VideoWatch Video
Working area X/Y (mm)900*6001000*700
Input voltageAC220V±10%AC220V±10%
Air pressureabove 0.6MPaabove 0.6MPa
Welding studs range (mm)3-53-5
Weldable materialSpring steel, high carbon steel, manganese steel, stainless steelSpring steel, high carbon steel, manganese steel, stainless steel
Max. operating speed X-/Y-axis (m/min)5050
Repeat positioning accuracy+/- (mm)0.150.1
Load capacity of trowel blade (pcs)01500
Upload productsManualFully automatic
Download productsManualFully automatic
Feeder stud loading capacity (pcs)20002000
Trowel size specificationsCustomized on demandCustomized on demand
Production efficiency (weld studs per hour)12001800
Operation and programming10-inch touch screen display10-inch touch screen display
Welding parameter monitoring
Welding parameter memory
USB-interface for data
Automatic stud feeding
Motor technology/driveServo motorsServo motors
Dimensions (LWH)1350*600*1450 mm2700*1000*1500 mm
Weight (kg)200600
Plastering Trowel Automatic Stud Welding Machine-2

TATE Automatic Stud Welding Machine for Plastering Trowel stands at the forefront of construction innovation. Its integration of precision, efficiency, and adaptability embodies TATE’s commitment to advancing construction technology and delivering excellence in every project.