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TATE Precision Welding Machine: Innovative Design for High-Quality Stud Welding

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The TATE Precision Welding Machine boasts a horizontal frame design, ensuring overall structural integrity with welded construction. This design offers excellent rigidity, stability, and durability while maintaining precise control over movement.The horizontal structure, resembling a gantry system, facilitates easy placement of workpieces, with the X-axis featuring an aluminum beam known for its outstanding rigidity, stability, and durability, ensuring precise control of movement.

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Frame Structure

The frame is constructed from heavy-duty steel, undergoes annealing treatment, and is processed using a large CNC gantry milling machine to install the X and Y-axis transmission guide rail slots. This results in stable operation speeds and guarantees excellent product quality.

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Model And Parameters

Weld Stud RangeM3-M10M3-M10M3-M10M3-M10
Working Area X-Axis600mm1200mm1500mm2000mm
Working Area Y-Axis900mm1500mm2500mm4200mm
Working Area Z-Axis70-300 mm Customized70-300 mm Customized70-300 mm Customized70-300 mm Customized
Welding Efficiency30-60 studs/min30-60 studs/min30-60 studs/min30-60 studs/min
Positioning Speed500 mm/s500 mm/s500 mm/s500 mm/s
Load Capacity Of Table180 kg200 kg300 kg350 kg
Welding Precision± 0.15 mm± 0.15 mm± 0.15 mm± 0.15 mm
Repeating Precision± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm
Positioning Speed500 mm/s500 mm/s500 mm/s500 mm/s
Laser RemovalSupport OptionalSupport OptionalSupport OptionalSupport Optional
Automatic Spray LiquidSupport OptionalSupport OptionalSupport OptionalSupport Optional
Welding Head TypeCD/Drawing ARCCD/Drawing ARCCD/Drawing ARCCD/Drawing ARC
Dimensions(L*W*H)1200*1200*1600 mm1800*2000*1700 mm3200*2000*1700 mm5500*3000*2300 mm
Weight500 kg780 kg1200 kg3900 kg
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Transmission System

The X/Y-axis features synchronous belt or rack-and-pinion transmission with linear guide rail guidance, ensuring high precision and fast operation. The X-axis can be equipped with a linear motor and metal grating transmission, offering long lifespan, lower power consumption, stable transmission, and precise positioning. The Z-axis employs a screw rod transmission with guide rail guidance.

Drive System

The entire locomotion system is driven by high-precision servo motors, enabling precise positioning. The Y-axis is controlled by dual servo motors to ensure high precision and stability during high-speed operation.

Special Features

The independently developed milling cutter gun head by TATE comes with air blowing and anti-splash functions.

Laser Zinc Coating Removal

To address issues during welding due to material differences between the surface zinc layer and the inner plate, TATE introduces a proprietary laser “coating removal” technology. Activating this feature in the program triggers the laser to remove the surface zinc layer automatically, enhancing processing quality, efficiency, and reducing manual efforts. The adjustable coating removal depth ensures suitability for coatings of any thickness, offering a visually appealing processed area and minimizing material waste in subsequent treatments.

Anti-Splash Function

The gun head is connected to an efficient welding anti-splash liquid, preventing the adhesion of oxide particles produced during welding at high temperatures. This protects workers from injuries caused by welding spatter, reducing instances of incomplete or leaky welds. Pre-spraying anti-splash liquid on both sides of the weld seam significantly reduces the amount of falling spatter. Any spatter that adheres to the surface can be easily wiped away without leaving marks, preventing rust and having no impact on subsequent surface coatings.Air Blowing Function:This feature allows for the removal of iron chips after milling, preventing eye injuries or finger cuts caused by blowing or manually clearing debris.The equipment, controlled by a CNC system, achieves precision and stability beyond human capabilities.

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Advantages of the TATE Precision Welding Machine

  • Precise Positioning: Computer-programmed control enables flexible, convenient, and stable positioning.
  • High Welding Quality: Quickly and securely welds various sizes of screws to metal surfaces without leaving traces or noticeable depressions on the back of the welded plate.
  • Broad Material Adaptability: Capable of welding various materials, including cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, etc.
  • High Efficiency: Supports simultaneous welding of multiple screw sizes with automatic feeding and welding, eliminating the need for drilling, riveting, Arc welding, and tedious post-welding processes. Achieves a welding rate of 25 to 30 screws/studs/bolts/nuts per minute, saving time and effort.
  • CNC Programming: Supports direct import of drawings and manual input of screw coordinates, catering to complex welding requirements.
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    Integrating cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, the TATE Precision Welding Machine stands as a symbol of innovation in the welding industry, ensuring unparalleled performance and efficiency.

    TATE Precision Welding Machine represents a pinnacle of innovation in the welding industry with its advanced design and cutting-edge features. The machine’s horizontal frame structure, high-precision transmission system, and specialized functions, such as the laser zinc coating removal and anti-splash capabilities, set it apart in terms of rigidity, stability, and efficiency. TATE’s proprietary technology ensures precise positioning and high welding quality across a broad range of materials. The equipment’s CNC programming capabilities further enhance its adaptability, allowing for seamless integration into complex welding scenarios. With a focus on efficiency and user-friendly operation, the TATE Precision Welding Machine emerges as a reliable solution for achieving superior welding results while minimizing manual efforts and maximizing productivity.