Flash Butt Welding Machines for Flange

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Machine Introduction

TATE High-power flash butt welding machine for Flange. It alse can be butt welding of ordinary carbon steel、stainless steel、aluminum、 copper、 copper alloy、 aluminum wire、copper wire copper wire and the docking between dissimilar metals, It can butt plate, round bar, square bar, pipe fittings, profiles, etc. And can dock with an area of more than 10000 mm², reach the parent metal weld, the welding efficiency is 5 to 10 times of manual arc welding.

Production Video

Model And Parameter

Rated Power(KVA)80100150200300400600
Power Supply(φ/V/Hz)1/380/501/380/501/380/501/380/501/380/501/380/501/380/50
Rated Load Duration (%)50505050505050

Maximum Welding
Open Loop100150700900150030004000
Closed Loop70100500600120025003500