How To Automate Welding Plastering Trowels Studs Bolts?

News 2023-08-29 63

Machine Introduction

TATE CNC stud welding machine can automatically weld studs/bolts on plastering trowel.
It welds in precise positions (its accuracy can reach 0.15mm), and the welding is firm (studs/bolts will not fall off for life)!
This machine is easy to operate, practical and convenient, it can greatly increase the production efficiency and quality of your plastering trowel!

Plastering Trowel Semi-Automatic Stud Welder!
Trowel Semi-Automatic Stud Welding Machine-2
Plastering Trowel Fully Automatic Stud Welding Machine!
Trowel Fully Automatic Stud Welding Machine-1