MF Spot Welding Machine Advantages

News 2022-06-14 57

The main advantages of MF spot welding machine are concentrated in the following 8 aspects:

  1. The intermediate frequency spot welding machine is a kind of resistance welding machine. One-screen control is realized through the touch screen. The display screen can display the welding current of each welding, and can display faults and error warnings in time. The intermediate frequency inverter spot welding machine is a good set of welding equipment.
  2. Wide application range, small size of welding transformer and large output energy. The intermediate frequency spot welding machine is used in the integrated transformer fast welding tongs in the automotive industry, which shows its advantages, and its superior performance is due to the fact that the frequency of the welding transformer is increased from 50/60Hz of the mains current to 1000Hz, which greatly reduces the wear and tear of the iron core material. Weight, the rectifier diode in the secondary circuit of the transformer converts electrical energy into DC power, which can greatly increase the inductance value of the secondary circuit, which is an important factor causing energy loss, which can hardly be considered in the DC welding circuit, thereby reducing Cost of production.
  3. Energy saving: Compared with low-frequency use, it can reduce the consumption of electric energy. The transformer with the same weight can output more energy, and it can be conveniently used in conjunction with large automatic welding torches. Suitable for welding thick workpieces and highly conductive metals. Like aluminum and all galvanized steel, in general a small, lightweight system that speeds up the movement and shortens the work cycle is a good companion solution for welders/robots.
  4. In semi-automatic devices, one medium frequency welding transformer can replace many low frequency transformers, reducing the parallel connection of secondary circuits.
  5. If the weight of the integrated manual welding gun needs to exceed 80 to 90 kg, it is also suitable for matching with this type of transformer. For example: the production of small batch cars/vans and the manufacture of small experimental machinery and equipment.
  6. The large opening area of the secondary circuit can reduce interference: the welding current is DC, and when there are inductive/magnetic materials in the secondary winding, the welding will not be affected.
  7. Balance the load of power supply equipment: The intermediate frequency inverter spot projection welding machine adopts three-phase power supply, which has little impact on the power grid, and a small power input can meet the normal production of the machine.
  8. While improving the welding quality, it can greatly reduce the production cost.