PT-100 Thermocouple Welding Machine Manufacture

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TATE PT-100 Thermocouple Welding Machine is specifically designed for thermocouple welding, featuring advanced technology that enables precise welding even in high-temperature and specialized environments. With its sophisticated welding techniques, this machine ensures the strength and stability of weld points, thereby enhancing equipment reliability.

Machine Advantages

  1. High Efficiency: The PT-100 employs advanced welding technology, delivering outstanding welding performance. Its high efficiency ensures a swift completion of the welding process, thereby boosting overall production efficiency.
  2. Precision Control: Equipped with an advanced control system, this welding machine allows operators to achieve precise control over welding parameters. This level of precision is crucial for specialized welding projects.
  3. Versatility: The PT-100 Thermocouple Welding Machine is suitable for various thermocouple welding needs. Whether in a laboratory setting or an industrial production line, it excels in diverse tasks.

Machine Applications

TATE PT-100 welding machine plays a crucial role in various industries, including but not limited to:

  1. Laboratory Research: In scientific research and laboratory environments, the PT-100 provides reliable connections for thermocouples through its precision welding technology, supporting a range of experimental projects.
  2. Industrial Production: In industrial manufacturing processes, the high efficiency and versatility of the PT-100 Thermocouple Welding Machine make it the top choice for welding requirements, ensuring the quality and stability of products.
  3. Energy Sector: In the energy industry, especially in high-temperature environments, the PT-100’s resistance to high temperatures makes it an ideal choice for welding thermocouples, ensuring the reliability of energy equipment.

Machine Head Configuration Table

Pressure Regulating ValveAirTACGFR200-08F1
Electromagnetic ValveHumberHBA210
Slider GuideAirTACLSH15HN

Machine Parameter Table

Input voltage (V)220V or 380V (Customized)
Rated power (kVA)16
Maximum output current (DCA)5000
Load duration (%)10
Inverter frequency (kHz)1/2/4
Welding cycle time3
Welding pulse number99
Slow rise and fall control of currentInclude
Store the number of welding specifications99 Groups
Dimensions (mm) (L*W*H)420*230*300
Weight (Kg)35

Machine Packing List

No.Project NameQuantity
1Precision inverter spot welding power supply1 set
2JF-32 precision spot welding machine head1 set
3120mm² cable2 pieces
4Welding electrode2 sets

Production Video

Machine Photo

PT-100 Sensor Precision Spot Welding Machine-1
PT-100 Sensor Precision Spot Welding Machine-4