PT100 Thermo Couple Welding Machine

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Machine Introduction

In the realm of cutting-edge welding technology, TATE introduces the PT100 Thermo Couple Welding Machine, a groundbreaking solution designed for unparalleled precision in temperature sensor welding.
TATE’s PT100 is a state-of-the-art welding machine tailored for the fabrication of PT100 thermocouples. This advanced equipment stands out for its seamless integration of precision and efficiency, revolutionizing the welding process for temperature-sensitive applications.

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The PT100 Welding Machine finds its niche in industries requiring high-precision temperature sensing, such as aerospace, medical equipment manufacturing, and scientific research. Its capability to weld thermocouple elements with utmost accuracy makes it an indispensable tool for creating reliable temperature sensors.

Advantages and Benefits

Precision Unleashed: The PT100 ensures precise welding, guaranteeing the accuracy of temperature readings for critical applications.
Efficiency Redefined: TATE’s machine enhances efficiency with its automated welding process, reducing manual labor and increasing production output.
Versatility in Welding: From complex geometries to diverse materials, the PT100 handles various thermocouple welding requirements with ease.
Reliability Personified: Built with quality materials and cutting-edge technology, this machine ensures the longevity and reliability of the welded thermocouples.

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Innovative Features

The PT100 boasts innovative features that set it apart in the welding landscape. Its automatic temperature control system, powered by TATE‘s proprietary technology, ensures optimal welding conditions. Additionally, the intuitive user interface simplifies operation, making it accessible even for welding novices.

Machine Head Configuration Table

Pressure Regulating ValveAirTACGFR200-08F1
Electromagnetic ValveHumberHBA210
Slider GuideAirTACLSH15HN

Machine Parameter Table

Input voltage (V)220V or 380V (Customized)
Rated power (kVA)16
Maximum output current (DCA)5000
Load duration (%)10
Inverter frequency (kHz)1/2/4
Welding cycle time3
Welding pulse number99
Slow rise and fall control of currentInclude
Store the number of welding specifications99 Groups
Dimensions (mm) (L*W*H)420*230*300
Weight (Kg)35

Machine Packing List

N0.Project NameQuantity
1Precision inverter spot welding power supply1 set
2JF-32 precision spot welding machine head1 set
3120mm² cable2 pieces
4Welding electrode2 sets

Production Video

TATE, a pioneer in welding solutions, takes pride in presenting the PT100 Thermo Couple Welding Machine. With a rich history of engineering excellence, TATE continues to lead the industry by delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine precision in welding.
In conclusion, TATE’s PT100 Thermo Couple Welding Machine represents a leap forward in temperature sensor welding technology. Its blend of precision, efficiency, and reliability positions it as a game-changer in industries reliant on accurate temperature readings. Embrace the future of welding with TATE – where innovation meets excellence.