Selection of electrode materials for resistance spot welding equipment!

News 2022-06-14 59

The medium frequency inverter spot projection welding machine is one of the most advanced welding equipment, it has a wide range of uses, the welding transformer is small in size and has a large output energy. Because the frequency of the welding transformer is increased from 50/60 Hz to 1000 Hz at the current stage, the weight of the iron core material can be greatly reduced. In addition, the rectifier diode in the secondary circuit of the transformer converts the electric energy into DC current for welding machine application, which can greatly improve the inductance value of the secondary circuit and save more than 30% of the user’s power consumption.
The electrode material, electrode shape and overall size of the resistance welding equipment, so that the electrode is cooled well, the end face of the truncated conical electrode tip is considered to be very good. The diameter of the end face is required to be 6-8 mm. If it exceeds 8 mm, it should be ground in time, and the upper and lower electrodes of the welding tongs should be as perpendicular as possible to the plate during welding.
When the size of the electrode is enlarged, due to the expansion of the contact area, the reduction of the current density and the improvement of the heat dissipation effect, the heating degree of the welding zone is weakened, so the size of the nugget is reduced, and the bearing capacity of the solder joint is reduced.