TATE CNC Automatic Stud Welding Machine Advantages

News 2022-06-14 63

  1. Improve welding efficiency
    Welding processing is one of the most important processing methods for manufacturing enterprises. The welding man-hours of manufacturing enterprises based on welding technology account for about 10%-30% of the total man-hours of product manufacturing, and the welding cost accounts for about 20-30% of the total cost of product manufacturing. 30%, and the number of employees engaged in welding accounts for about 20-30% of all employees. Improving the automation level of welding processing is of great significance for enterprises to save costs, improve efficiency, and achieve sustained and rapid development. Taking the typical structural parts of construction machinery as an example, the working efficiency of the welding robot workstation is 5 times that of manual welding, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of the operators.
  2. Improve product quality
    In the manufacturing process of the manual welding process, the manual control of the welding process (arc start, arc end, welding track and parameter setting, etc.) Fusion and other defects. In the manufacturing process with automatic welding process, the arc combustion is stable, the joint composition is uniform, the weld shape is good, the weld joint is less, and the filler metal deposition rate is high. The automatic storage and output of welding process parameters can ensure the accuracy of process parameters, the realization of special welding requirements and the reproducibility of weld quality. Due to the advantages of welding automation in improving product quality, automatic welding has gradually replaced manual welding as the main method of welding processing.
  3. Reduce operating costs
    With the continuous rise of labor costs, the continuous improvement of the performance and efficiency of welding automation equipment, and the gradual reduction of prices, automatic welding and manual welding are relatively long-term. At the same time, the advantages of high efficiency and high stability of welding automation equipment allow manufacturers to recover the investment cost of welding systems faster and improve welding quality.
  4. Improve the working environment
    The automatic stud welding machine changes manual operation into automatic mechanical operation, and the operator is far away from the welding site, which can avoid the occurrence of various occupational diseases, and at the same time, the labor intensity of workers is also greatly reduced.

With the vigorous development of the world’s equipment manufacturing industry, more and more factories have introduced automatic stud welding equipment to speed up the development of welding technology, improve welding quality, labor intensity, and ensure production safety.