TATE CNC Automatic Stud Welding Machine Introduction

News 2022-06-14 66

The equipment is composed of a two-axis or linked CNC platform. Its structure adopts the gantry type. The welding torch is installed on the gantry frame. Through the precise displacement of the gantry frame and the welding torch frame, it can be positioned accurately and quickly within the scope of the working platform. kind of welding. The working platform adopts a single-station platform; according to different products, the corresponding fixtures are replaced. The equipment is controlled by CNC system or PLC, and the touch screen displays. The key components are all well-known international brands, with high work efficiency and stable and reliable performance. It has been exported to 60 countries around the world. Multiple countries and regions!

【Main parts and components of the machine】

  1. Gantry frame: It is made of high-quality steel plates and structural parts after welding, heat treatment, aging, finishing, etc., to ensure the strength and precision required for equipment work. The lateral movement is driven by a ball screw, and the guide adopts a linear guide rail.
  2. The gun frame mechanism: installed on the gantry frame, the up and down movement of the welding torch is driven by the cylinder, the horizontal movement is driven by the ball screw, and the guide adopts the linear bearing (the fuel injection mechanism can be installed on the gun frame, and the welding gun should be adjusted before each welding. Spray oil on the welding position to prevent welding spatter from adhering to the workpiece and facilitate the cleaning of welding chips).
  3. Welding platform: The working table is made of bakelite inlay, and the positioning cylinder is installed to facilitate the placement and positioning of the workpiece, realize the rotation of the two stations and ensure the accuracy of repeated positioning.
  4. Electrical control: PLC programming control is adopted, equipped with a teaching box to teach and input the welding program, or input after programming on the computer. The detection components are made of Japanese products; each switch can be operated on the control panel, and there are manual and automatic switches and detection indicators; it has the function of protection shutdown, basic judgment on machine failure and corresponding instructions on the working panel.
  5. Pneumatic control: Pneumatic control is mainly composed of triplex, cylinder, air valve, throttle valve, detection element and so on.
  6. Welding power source: TATE
  7. Automatic welding torch: use TATE self-developed stud welding torch, which has the function of no nail protection.
  8. Fixtures: Processing according to the workpiece drawing and actual sample size provided by the user, the workpiece is positioned manually and clamped pneumatically.

【Functions and features of the machine】

  1. Simple operation and friendly man-machine interface.
  2. Product drawings can be directly converted into program files that can be welded by the machine.
  3. Real-time simulation can be carried out according to the drawings.
  4. It can monitor and control the running speed and time.
  5. The operating speed and cycle time can be adjusted.
  6. It can automatically detect whether the welding stud is delivered in place.
  7. The size of the platform can be customized according to customer needs.
  8. All kinds of fixtures can be customized for customers.