What are the problems of overloading the resistance spot welding machine?

News 2022-06-14 61

Long-term load will also lead to coil insulation damage, lead to coil short circuit, and lead to the probability of scrapping the welding machine. To determine whether the equipment is loaded must be based on calculations, and cannot be judged rashly based on the welding current. Some welders think that it is only necessary to exceed the mechanical rating. If the current is used, the equipment will be loaded, but if the current is lower than the rated current of the equipment, it will not be easy to load. In fact, this analysis is subjective, because the influence of the equipment load duration is ignored.

Problems after overload application: It is difficult to ensure the stability of welding current and the stability of product welding quality. It is easy to reduce the service life of each core component of the spot welding machine, which may lead to a significant shortening of the service life of the equipment. The key components that are easy to damage the machine include silicon controlled rectifiers, coils, inverters, etc. Potential safety hazards caused by equipment use.

The temperature rise of the coil of the spot welding machine is usually related to the ambient temperature. The temperature in autumn and winter is slightly lower. Such environmental conditions are conducive to heat dissipation. Therefore, the welder should be properly allowed to load according to seasonal changes. Overload application can also lead to equipment destruction, but it will accelerate the aging of coil insulation, thereby reducing the service life of equipment.