Automatic Stud Welding Machine Introduction

News 2022-06-14 62

CNC full-automatic stud welding machine controlled by microcomputer (can work with manipulator or robot at the same time), not only can accurately set, record and store welding parameters, but also can timely detect, digitally display and automatically adjust during the welding process Welding parameters to ensure welding quality with excellent reproducibility. Factories with good conditions can realize unattended work.
CNC full-automatic stud welding machine is controlled by computer programming, automatically feeds nails, and automatically welds. If it is equipped with a manipulator or robot to work at the same time, it can also automatically pick and place workpieces and multi-station multi-angle welding. The fully automatic welding torch is controlled by a stepping motor or a servo motor, which can precisely control the movement of the stud according to the process requirements. A fully automatic system can be equipped with multiple welding torches to weld screws of various specifications at the same time. The diameter of the welding bolt can reach 16mm, and the programming is convenient. Equipped with a quick switching system, it is suitable for long-term welding work and can meet the requirements of a professional automatic production line. It can be programmed offline in any suitable computer system, with an accuracy of more than 0.15mm. The door and light shield are soundproof, and the welding speed can reach up to 60 studs per minute.
The system has a self-correcting function, if welding is interrupted, the system will automatically stop. The use of the past few years shows that the performance of the welding machine is very stable, highlighting high efficiency, high speed and high performance. Although the stud welding machine integrating automation, intelligence and digitization has excellent functions, it also has the characteristics of high quality welding studs, timely maintenance and higher maintenance costs compared with manual stud welding machines.